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Epicor ERP solution for metalworking industry

Synertek offers its clients a complete solution for manufacturing and finishing parts produced from sheet metal, drawing on its team of experts, its integrated offer and its commitment to meeting the most stringent requirements and specifications.

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Epicor Prophet 21 solution for the electrical products industry

Case study Gray Électrique: A certified ISO 9001 Company since 1996 David Mendel and his son Arthur Mendel, a pair of ingenious entrepreneurs, launched Gray Électrique in 1942. The company was granted ISO 9001 certification in 1996 and is also a member of Affiliated Distributors, the largest distribution network in North America. [spacer] Using real-time…
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An innovative ERP solution for aerospace manufacturer

Case study Abipa: An undisputed leader in the aeronautics industry Abipa Canada (Abipa), founded in 1982, is a leader in manufacturing high-precision machined parts for the aerospace industry, with more than 140 employees. Since June 2012, Abipa has been majority owned by the Fonds de Solidarité FTQ. [spacer] We are delivering greater value to our…
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