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The manufacturing environment for lighting, environmental and ventilation products is subject to exceptionally high standards. To meet the demand for excellence from its customers and suppliers, Canarm LTD has set itself high commercial requirements.   

Their solution? A powerful partnership with EC Solutions for the implementation of a high level Business Intelligence (BI) system. Since then, Canarm has been working closely with the ERP experts at EC Solutions as a strategic business partner.  

A light bulb to represent the lighting products produced by Canarm LTD.

Epicor Data Analytics (EDA) Solution
for Global Manufacturers of Lighting, Ventilation, and Related Environmental Products

As a global manufacturer of high quality environmental, lighting and ventilation products, Canarm LTD operates to high and complex standards. In addition, larger scale projects involve the supervision of a great number of interacting elements, often managed by several people.  

The company, therefore, needed a powerful integrated data analysis software to facilitate communication between the various departments, as well as with their customers and suppliers. This is where EC Solutions’ expertise with Epicor ERP (enterprise resource planning) software came into play.  

Find out more about Canarm LTD, its challenges and how EC Solutions met these objectives. 

Technical Sheet & Objectives

Company: Canarm LTD 

Location: Ontario 

Industry: Lighting, ventilation, and related environmental products  


  • Identify opportunities for cost reduction and improve the company’s profitability and productivity. 
  • Support programs and accelerate decision-making. 
  • Gain an overview of business opportunities for quick decision-making. 
  • Simplify processes, streamline compliance and support large production volumes. à
  • Generate easy-to-understand reports that can be accessed quickly to evaluate buying trends and margin analysis. 
  • Optimize inventory management (dead and slow-moving stock) and accounting report generation. 
  • Easy integration with other software types. 
  • Enable required updates using interactive dashboards and data analysis from the enterprise management system. 
  • Improve productivity to ensure better margins. 
  • Maximize procurement efficiency and evaluate suppliers’ performance. 
  • Automatically provides detailed, up-to-date, specific data on sales, margins and inventory values, thus making information easier to access. 
  • Improves the overall visibility of company management processes, with the capacity for highlighting financial data in categories. 
Un système de climatisation fabriqué par Canarm sur le toit d'un restaurant.
Aggrandissement d'un ventilateur pour représenter les produits de ventilation conçus par Canarm.

Canarm LTD,
Preferred Business Partner

Stewart Beatty and Norm Carson founded the international company Canarm LTD in 1963. This successful global company is based in Brockville, Ontario. 

Canarm LTD has since positioned itself as a world-leading distributor and manufacturer of lighting, ventilation and related products. The company caters mainly to residential customers in the HVAC market, and in the agricultural sector. 

I recommend the Epicor Data Analytics (EDA) solution because it’s easy to useand so is the interfaceand that’s a business advantage since it enables us to measure the accuracy of our data quickly.

Michael Lacey, VP of Finances, Human Resources, and Information Technology (IT) at Canarm LTD

Changes and Adaptations for Canarm LTD

Integrating an advanced Business Intelligence (BI) system like Epicor Data Analytics is a significant ERP project. However, with the 360° support offered by the experts at EC Solutions, this transition proved to be both straightforward and successful for Canarm LTD. 

Take a look at what Michael Lacey, VP of Finance, Human Resources, and IT at Canarm LTD, has to say. 

We have some great users who completed the training to create dashboards and navigate the system, along with some administrators. After the first one-hour class, we were ready to use and create dashboards and set up user configurations.

Michael Lacey, VP of Finances, Human Resources, and Information Technology (IT) at Canarm LTD

EC Solutions and Canarm LTD: A High Value Optimization Solution

Canarm LTD was facing increasing business demands and was looking for an integrated solution to better manage some of its manufacturing and distribution processes. They began looking for a strategic partner to find solutions to meet these needs. 

EC Solutions has been working with manufacturing, fabrication and distribution companies for many years. Our experts understand their needs and objectives and are therefore able to help companies in these sectors progress with the right integrated solutions.  

Follow Canarm LTD’s lead and find your optimization solution with EC Solutions’ ERP specialists. We’ll take the time to analyze your needs to find the system that will unleash the full potential of your operations.  

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    By choosing EC Solutions, you will not only benefit from the high level of expertise of our employees and partners, but also from the company's unconditional commitment to help you achieve success.
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    By choosing EC Solutions, you will not only benefit from the high level of expertise of our employees and partners, but also from the company's unconditional commitment to help you achieve success.
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