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Software Epicor Kinetic

Increase productivity with Epicor Kinetic ERP, the best business optimization solution for the manufacturing industry. The Epicor suite offers state-of-the-art functionalities to support the growth of manufacturing companies. Combined with EC Solutions’ custom ERP implementation services by Epicor certified experts, your business can only scale up.   

Benefit from an Epicor ERP resource management system to support your core business processes and achieve your business expansion goals faster.

Epicor Kinetic for increased productivity

What are ERP Enterprise
Resource Planning systems?

An ERP system is an integrated management software package designed to simplify the management and planning of business processes. Top ERP solutions, such as Epicor Kinetic, cover the full range of company functions. Consequently, they replace the numerous software packages that populate your IT infrastructure (accounting software, stock management software, human resources software, etc.).  

Epicor’s ERP systems centralize the management of your operations on a fully customizable and intuitive cloud ERP platform. Choosing your ERP is not easy—unless you’re dealing with a world-class company like Epicor.  

Rely on our professional ERP consultants to deliver the perfect manufacturing Kinetic ERP for your business. 

The Benefits of a
Custom ERP Software

The manufacturing process is known to be long, with many side steps along the way. So, it’s no surprise that Epicor ERP software has a platform specifically for the industry. From innovative technology based on decades of experience to more simplified processes, you really can have it all with the right ERP for manufacturing.

Epicor Kinetic Centralized Core

The latest industry 4.0 technologies offer real-time progress, updated data processing, and increased insights into your projects, which connect to one core database.

Improved Logistics and Supply Chain Process

Manufacturers rely on technology when it comes to supply chain management. They require unified site views, extensive country-specific functionalities, and advanced electronic data interchange (EDI) software for speed and visibility.

Clear Data Analytics

Business intelligence (BI) dashboards provide valuable reports to your business with detailed data for quick answers and real time production management processes. Finally, data that can be used for actionable items.

Real Time Monitoring of the Production Lifecycle

Kinetic is an efficient ERP system for manufacturing with the potential to add modules to collaborate and digitize specific product lifecycles. Make use of the best tools for project management! From ordering raw materials to finished products, benefit from communicative initiatives to avoid unnecessary waste and errors.

Risk Management

Epicor ensures that companies keep up to date with governance risk and compliance (GRC) to meet international standards. Audit tracking, documentation requirements, and advanced user roles are all available for risk management.

Maximize Your Manufacturing Operations

CRM (Customer Relationship Management Tools)
Sales Management
Services Management
Cloud-based Data Hosting
Mobile Time & Expense Management
Product Data Management
Order Planning and Scheduling
Project Resource Management
Production and Supply Chain Management
Cash Flow and Accounting Management
And Much More

Epicor Kinetic ERP
The ERP Software That Redefines Your Business Management

Epicor’s manufacturing ERP is an incredibly powerful tool to manage the supply chain better, tighten financial controls, keep customer satisfaction in check, and obtain reliable performance indicators (KPIs). Its user friendly customizable dashboards provide companies with real-time visibility of all operations to ensure continued performance and increase profits. 

As digital transformation gains traction, organizations without reliable operations lose out. Epicor Kinetic ERP software opens new horizons for your business. Its success is proven worldwide, with 20,000 customers in more than 150 countries using it.  

Whether your company operates locally, nationally, or internationally, you can benefit from Kinetic ERP’s efficiency. Epicor ERP for manufacturing accelerates business growth by capitalizing on automation to provide proper supply chain, product management, business intelligence, and departmental alignment. 

The benefits of using Epicor Kinetic for the manufacturing industry.
Simplify the administrative workload of your teams with a customized ERP solution.

Epicor Kinetic
Software Cloud ERP

Using a business management ERP system can reduce your infrastructure costs. How? By hosting the information system in the cloud. Your data is then easily accessible in dashboards and to all your teams according to their user profile.  

Discover why implementing Epicor Kinetic ERP software also improves communication and productivity and, ultimately, your company’s profitability.

Adapted ERP Software
for a Human-First Approach

Don’t mistake technology for lack of personalization; in fact, it’s quite the opposite. An ERP platform invests in employee development, which leads to a company’s growth and profitability. As a manufacturing ERP, Epicor Kinetic does wonders for operations. Don’t forget that it also consolidates company functions like human resources (HR), employee well-being and customer satisfaction.

Employee Satisfaction

The workforce is changing; modern technology means modern professionals. These professionals are looking for advanced environments or software that will enable effective coordination of their management processes. Future focused companies can improve employee productivity and engagement through integrated communication and streamlined routine tasks.

Company Culture

More and more companies are prioritizing human capital. An ERP system transforms your processes with better HR practices, elevated financial management, and data driven decisions for optimized performance.

Focus on the Customer Experience

Every customer wants a positive experience. Epicor Kinetic ERP software’s one of the most popular ERP systems for improving customer satisfaction. It provides flexibility and insight into each customer’s lifecycle, enabling contact management from any device and a single document source to track territories and teams.

Optimized Service

Exceed customer expectations with Epicor service management software. Experience complete visibility into risk and compliance issues and quick project turnaround thanks to mobile access from remote locations.

Does your business
need Epicor Kinetic ERP?

Are you constantly running into issues based on manual data entry or cannot make rapid decisions due to endless software that doesn’t connect? In that case, it’s time to rethink your current traditional technology.  

Epicor Kinetic offers a user interface (UI) that minimizes complexities and instead provides a solution that is easy for all users. It creates a collaborative workforce and top-notch communication between departments, where complete visibility of your production floor is no longer a limitation.  

Whether you choose to run your system on site or in the Cloud, you will receive the same comprehensive functionalities explicitly designed for the manufacturing industry. EC Solutions experts can help you determine what ERP is best for a successful ERP implementation at your company. 

State of the art manufacturing ERP.

Partner with EC Solutions for a
Customized, Quality Epicor Kinetic ERP Implementation Plan

As one of Canada’s top ERP vendors, EC Solutions has the same mission as its partner, Epicor: to provide flexible, scalable ERP solutions. What does that mean? It means we’ll only integrate tools and processes that are pertinent to your business, industry, and market.   

Incorporating ERP modules focused on cost reduction and improved reactive processes helps companies deal with client requests and endure changes over time. Throughout our 15-plus years in this industry, our clients have entrusted us with ERP solution implementation, drawing on the expertise of our team of dedicated professionals. 

We are well aware of the significant challenge that choosing an ERP system can involve. That’s why EC Solutions is a certified Epicor partner in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada, offering an ERP deployment that will adequately meet your company’s complex needs.  

A Comprehensive Range of ERP Services to Maximize Epicor Kinetics’ Potential

An ERP software will connect, integrate, and customize everything for you. Finally, say goodbye to outdated paperwork, bulletin boards, and confusing off-site schedules. EC Solutions is the manufacturing industry’s strategic partner to get a 360° implementation of ERP. Our service doesn’t stop at implementation. You can also trust our team to: 

Get ERP consulting with a qualified advisor | Develop your customized ERP strategy  | Train your staff to get the most out of your ERP solution

Our teams also offer quality support technical support in case of an emergency. Do not hesitate to contact our technicians! Our responsiveness is one of our service’s strengths. 

Your Partner in Achieving Results

At EC Solutions, we base our approach on our clients’ requirements and objectives. This collaborative method ensures that all ERP software implementation projects are successful, on time, on budget and on target.

Do you have any questions about Epicor Kinetic ERP implementation cost or how to start your ERP project? Do not hesitate to contact us. An Epicor certified consultant will take the time to assess your needs and provide you with the best ERP software for your manufacturing business. 

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    By choosing EC Solutions, you will not only benefit from the high level of expertise of our employees and partners, but also from the company's unconditional commitment to help you achieve success.
    About us
    EC Solutions
    By choosing EC Solutions, you will not only benefit from the high level of expertise of our employees and partners, but also from the company's unconditional commitment to help you achieve success.
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