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EC Solutions provides ERP solutions to help manufacturing companies better manage their business processes. As an Epicor certified partner and ERP consulting firm, we adapt to your methodology to ensure a seamless implementation of your digital transformation.  
Our experts customize and deploy a manufacturing ERP tailored to your specific business needs. From production management to real-time product lifecycle tracking, implementing custom Epicor ERP software is the best way to get the most out of your operations. 

Manufacturing ERP system

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Discuss your project with our Epicor certified ERP experts and find the right price and solutions for your business. 

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ERP Management System Advanced MES Solutions

Successful ERP projects start with a thorough knowledge of the manufacturing and distribution sector, as well as product and process specifics. EC Solutions has been implementing customized ERP systems for manufacturing companies since 2004 

  • Benefit from an intuitive and innovative all-in-one ERP for the management of all your business processes (CRM, sales, services, time and expenses, product data, projects, production and supply chain, finance, etc.)

  • Enjoy a user-friendly interface for secure, real-time data access in the cloud

  • Leverage advanced resource planning and scheduling ERP tools to improve productivity and profitability

Discuss your ERP project with an ERP consultant at EC Solutions before implementing Epicor.

Switch From Traditional ERP to
A State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Software

Cloud ERP solutions are designed to facilitate your day-to-day tasks and reduce infrastructure costs. Experience a new age of optimization with Epicor ERP software for manufacturers and distributors. Get expert advice from our trusted ERP consultants today. Our team is committed to implementing the best possible business management software for your company. 

Epicor Kinetic

Epicor Kinetic is one of the best ERP systems for the manufacturing industry on the market. Your business functions have never been in better hands. Revel in simplified supply chain management, product lifecycle, and optimized data collection, throughout the manufacturing process.

Epicor MES

Bring your current enterprise resource planning (ERP) to the next level with advanced MES software from Epicor. By enabling connectors and machine monitoring, companies gain a bird’s eye view of the shop floor, allowing them to improve production efficiency. Minimize the risk of human error by putting manual intervention behind you !

Epicor Prophet 21

Epicor P21 is one of the top ERP systems to improve project management and customer service for the distribution industry. It is the software of choice to better manage your warehouse and inventory. Manufacturers will greatly benefit from a solid, tailor-made distribution ERP!

Epicor Pricing Guide

What ERP Is Right for Your Business?

If you’re unsure which ERP implementation would work best for your company, trust our consultants to find the right package. At EC Solutions, our experts make it easy for you to get started with your ERP project and your digital transformation. 

ERP implementation at the heart of your business strategy could not be easier than with the service of our professional team. We also offer our clients an exceptional ERP portfolio.  

Furthermore, our expertise as a certified Epicor partner allows us to give you the best assessment for your project. 

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A Complete Range of Services
to Complement Your Epicor ERP System for industrial SMEs

ERP Consulting

Just like Batman needs Robin, every company should consider working with an ERP consultant to guide them through the implementation journey. Our experts are masters of the craft who pinpoint new factors and issues affecting your business, and how to solve them.

ERP Customization & Development

Our team of Epicor-certified professionals know that each and every business is unique with their own goals. Whatever technological challenges you’re currently facing, we’ll customize your ERP to adapt to your industry standards, not the other way around.

Epicor Implementation

To ensure successful implementation projects, the team at EC Solutions uses the Epicor Signature Methodology. It is well organized, profitable, and flexible enough to enable process modifications to meet every client’s needs. Don’t worry, we’ll be by your side.

Epicor Software Training

Your managers are wondering “What is an ERP system” and “How can it replace our accounting software”? We’re here for you! Throughout the year EC Solutions offers training seminars and classes on various topics. Based on your specific needs  we provide clients with a full range of ERP support, adapted to your business objectives.

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We sincerely believe that the key to success goes beyond products and services. Establishing a strong partnership with our clients is important, promoting collaboration and project success. 

With more than 15 years of experience, our ERP support department is recognized and much appreciated. We’re proud to share that success with our clients, whom we’ve helped achieve business objectives.

Investing in our human capital

Discover Professional
Success at EC Solutions

EC Solutions is a dynamic, fast-growing company looking for talent who are itching to evolve and progress in their career, all while contributing to the company’s continued success. 

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    About us
    EC Solutions
    By choosing EC Solutions, you will not only benefit from the high level of expertise of our employees and partners, but also from the company's unconditional commitment to help you achieve success.
    About us
    EC Solutions
    By choosing EC Solutions, you will not only benefit from the high level of expertise of our employees and partners, but also from the company's unconditional commitment to help you achieve success.
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