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Industry 4.0, MES & Manufacturing Operations Digital Transformations

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Moving to Industry 4.0 with EC Solutions

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Smart Scheduling goes native for Industry 4.0

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The Future is Now.
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Why Start Your Digital Transformation Now ?

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Epicor ERP optimizes your supply chain while offering better financial control tools for your company. ERP will provide KPI's aiming at improving your company's operational efficiency and maximize your return on investment.
Our industry-standard 4.0 manufacturing execution system (MES) solutions are tailored to manufacturers needs, meeting the challenges of growing complexities facing our customers, while offering cutting-edge technology.

EPICOR PROPHET 21 is a software solution tailored to the needs of wholesale distributors. Powerful tools for sales and inventory management will help streamline your business processes.
Training and consulting services are key success factors for making the most out of your ERP and MES Solutions long after implementation. EC Solutions offers high level professional services tailored to your needs.

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We are committed to your success.

EC Solutions is a dynamic firm that provides business and professional consulting services to companies who strive to be leaders in their fields, to increase productivity and get a real return on their investment.

Personalized service
More than a client-supplier relationship, a real partnership.

Our highly qualified specialists are always ready to help you by suggesting a variety of solutions and services. Through a strategic, efficient approach, they use their vast experience to handle each situation within the global context of your company.


Tried-and-tested, state-of-the-art products

EC Solutions provides leading company management solutions, which are adapted to the needs of their clients. Fully customizable, our products help meet the needs of various types of businesses.

Our distinctions

CIO Review 2017

Critical Manufacturing


Our experts share case studies as well as tips and ways to improve the efficiency of your company's management.

Our Partners

Epicor Platinum Logo | EC SolutionsEPICOR Gold Partner

EC Solutions consistently ranks amongst the top partners with Epicor year after year.  Epicor chose to work with EC Solutions because of their expertise with enterprise applications, their commitment to customer satisfaction and their exemplary track record over the years. Epicor works with an elite group of highly qualified partners to deliver value to customers.

Critical Manufacturing Logo | EC SolutionsCritical Manufacturing

EC Solutions is the Premier Partner of Critical Manufacturing across North America, helping customers to improve Productivity, Agility and Visibility by enabling Digital Transformation of Manufacturing operations using Industry 4.0 ready Advanced MES Solutions.

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