Epicor Advanced Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

It’s time to throw out your old systems and invest in new ones, starting with an advanced manufacturing execution system (MES). Manual processes will be a thing of the past, while you bask in the beauty of automation and updated reports based on clear data collection.
Advanced Manufacturing Execution System

What is Epicor Advanced MES?

MES is a manufacturing execution system that monitors machines within the factory floor and connects updates to your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. It ensures that manufacturing operations are successfully implemented in order to improve production efficiency.

While a modern ERP system is an effective tool that provides in-depth detail on your materials, order transactions, and clean data, an MES software takes it to the next level.

Through AI-based processes, MES automates manufacturing production and connects supply chain processes to the factory floor. It fills the gap between business and manufacturing worlds by providing companies with a complete overview of machines, materials, production lifecycle, and operations. Ultimately giving companies the best ROI possible.

Manufacturing Execution System

A Solution Fit for the Manufacturing Industry


MES is an integral solution providing companies with the agility needed to meet evolving requests and requirements. Its design enforces the notion that it is more than a platform. Without the need for high-level expertise and costly customizations, it’s easy user-interface (UI) allows all types of organizations to benefit.

Simply connect to your current system (ERP or other) and discover immediate ROI. Available on open connectivity protocol (OPC), programmable logic controllers (PLC), machine interface units (MIU), and personal computer (PC) interfaces.

From its initial applications in the rubber, plastics, automobile, and metals sectors, Epicor Advanced MES is designed for the manufacturing industry. And with more than 20 years of experience behind them, Epicor ERP knows all the best practices within the industry.

Your Questions
Answered with MES

When it comes to the manufacturing industry, everything counts. Employers and employees alike need to know what is happening at all times. That’s the beauty of Epicor Advanced MES, it answers all the burning questions:

  • Does the equipment need maintenance?
  • Where are we in the production cycle?
  • What inventory should I use?
  • What are our next operational steps?
  • What should we be making now?
  • How do we get in touch with the factory floor?

To facilitate smooth operations management within the manufacturing industry add an MES software with your ERP platform and you’re sure to have the ideal business processes to scale up.

Engineer working on manufacturing plant

Epicor MES Features

Production Control

Gain insight into production schedules, production monitoring, and much more with MES software. With real-time data, you’ll be able to capture important analytics and metrics to increase plant productivity.

Process Monitoring

Capitalize on time by accessing operational data trends, where you can identify issues and make fast, detailed decisions. Integrate with Epicor Data Analytics for even better visualisation.

Quality Management

Automated processes pinpoints production issues the moment they occur, allowing you to take control of the situation before it gets worse. Statistical process control (SPC) and statistical quality control (SQC) are available to easily answer customer demand.

Alerts and Notifications

Whether it’s for downtime, machine cycle, operational processes, or even specific plant conditions, you can initiate automatic communications. These help teams respond faster and keep production on track.

Maintenance Management

Avoid the maintenance guessing game and costly repairs. With Advanced MES, you are in full control of machines, tools, and equipment, thanks to simplified cycle tracking and preventive maintenance.

Energy Consumption Monitoring

While energy consumption is inevitable, a system like MES helps in identifying the issue and subsequently finding improvements to reduce pollutant emissions through analytics, tracking usage, and data.

The Benefits of Epicor Advanced MES

Proactive Approach

Reports and data are delivered to you instantly, allowing you to be proactive. You can anticipate and solve production problems before they occur.

Keep up with Competition

A manufacturing execution system helps manufacturers of complex products get in front of restrictive measures such as traceability and product compliance.

Reduce Risks

Advanced MES reduces the risks that can occur with non-compliant products and business system integrations. True visibility of production operations across sites is possible thanks to artificial intelligence and easy automation within factories.

Secure the future of your business

As more and more factories install Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), the agility and interoperability of Epicor’s modular Manufacturing Execution System is even more strategic. It manages the added complexity of business functions and will future-proof your business.

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    By choosing EC Solutions, you will not only benefit from the high level of expertise of our employees and partners, but also from the company's unconditional commitment to help you achieve success.
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