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There’s an old saying: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Now, that works wonders when it comes to your trusty sidekick that you call a car, but when it comes to ERP software, even if it ain’t broke, after a few years it can become inefficient and obsolete.

This is especially true for the manufacturing industry. ERP platforms are constantly changing and require a generous amount of time dedicated to upgrades and fixing issues. While most of these are done through automation, it doesn’t mean that the core infrastructure of your ERP will always stay modern.

The speed at which software has been advancing over the past few years, over time your current ERP will degrade, and as a manufacturing company, you definitely do not want to be left in the dust.

So, the big questions we’re left with are: when do you implement a new ERP? And most importantly, why. Let’s find out.

Manufacturing ERP System

Signs your manufacturing ERP
needs an upgrade

Epicor ERP System dashboard

In the beginning, ERPs for manufacturing were designed to manage core processes that lifted huge weight off a company’s shoulder. Inventory, sales orders, suppliers, and production were all crucial business functions that were easily automated within your ERP system.

And over the years you’ve strived to keep that system running with ERP upgrades like new functionalities, better reports, and industry-specific integrations.

However, nowadays, the evolution of ERP technology has led this once simple system to now encompass everything from manufacturing to finance to human resources to even marketing. While your current ERP platform is probably still working, it’s slowly becoming outdated. The advantages that were once praised have become roadblocks and are limiting your business from true growth.

For example, if you’re currently experiencing:

  • Inefficient business processes
  • Lack of comprehensive data
  • Disorganized integrations

It’s a sign you need to either upgrade or switch to a newer system. Once an ERP software becomes difficult to use and the functionalities that used to bring a stress-free environment are now making life for your team extra complicated, it’s time to let go.

An ERP is supposed to effortlessly control your backend, not leave you picking up its broken pieces. Don’t let budget or attachment keep you from the development your company can easily achieve with a modern system. You want assets, not liabilities.

Inefficient business processes

The risks of an outdated
ERP system

Outdated ERP system

Having an outdated ERP system can be detrimental to your organization. As a manufacturing company, since so much relies on advanced technology in order to stay relevant in the game of economics and profitability, it’s crucial to update your ERP.

Risks of an outdated ERP system can impact your core functionalities in the worst possible way, and lead to:

  • Decreased productivity and profitability
  • Inconsistent information and no data visibility
  • Loss of centralization
  • Slow reporting and system performance
  • High cost and low economic gains
  • Substantial security concerns

With the buzzword, digital transformation being the ultimate concept for businesses in this day and age, the danger of being left behind due to bad Enterprise Resource Planning systems is a real issue.

New technologies are being developed and have become more accessible and affordable. Without a proper core system to house these new integrations and ERP updates, you won’t be able to take advantage of them.

Why implement a new
manufacturing ERP system?

On average, a company should buy a new system every 10-20 years and make sure to continue upgrading that system every 3-5 years. If you’re within that time-frame and are experiencing a faulty infrastructure, it’s time to either upgrade your ERP or go for a brand new system.

As mentioned above, not making the necessary changes to your system is a huge risk to your organization. And considering how much the manufacturing industry relies on automation, to revert back to manual processes would be a nightmare.

Going back to the concept of digital transformation, companies in the manufacturing sector must invest in advanced technology and strong business processes. This not only sets companies above the rest, but ensures that clients and employees are valued.

Epicor Software Laptop

It also establishes good practices within your organization. The risks that were listed above can easily be eliminated with a new ERP implementation plan. Let’s take a look at how an upgrade or new ERP can transform your company for the better:


In today’s world where cyber attacks are commonplace, being vulnerable can cause major disruptions in your business and risk huge losses in profitability and customers. An advanced ERP system is key to creating barriers and avoiding data attacks.

Customer satisfaction

Not only do clients gravitate towards companies with developed solutions, a strong core system allows account managers to keep up to date with customers’ needs and requirements throughout the contract lifecycle.


A modern ERP software enforces necessary upgrades, protecting your system from unprecedented disruptions that can often lead to businesses suffering from major costs and lost data.

Increased productivity

Once you have an upgraded ERP system that automatically fixes bugs and does regular updates, your team can easily turn their attention to important tasks at hand. They can now be more productive and focus on the crucial human aspects of a business.

Competitive advantage

It’s no surprise that adopting new technologies gives companies that extra edge above others who haven’t updated their software in a while. The consistent data, explanatory reports, and updated integrations allow companies to make crucial decisions.

With new additions and advancements to ERP systems that include Cloud technologies, robotics, 3D printing, big data, and much, much, the question of “why” becomes obvious and in turn companies choose to ask “how”.

Manufacturing companies can be hesitant to adopt a new ERP as the shift to automation often implies that employees will lose jobs. It’s important to note that while the workforce is changing, and that technology has replaced certain jobs, in manufacturing there are many careers that rely on the human aspect and certain ERPs will only facilitate these jobs, not render them obsolete. Humans are and continue to be a top priority.

On point preventive maintenance with an advanced MES ERP system.

What to look for in a new
ERP for manufacturing

Epicor kinetic on laptop screen

When you need to upgrade your ERP, we highly recommend a software that is Cloud-based instead of on a server. It’s easier to upgrade throughout time and is one manufacturers should consider as it will become a long-term investment.

Modern, cloud-based ERPs can be accessed anywhere and have many benefits including:

  • Days sales outstanding (DSO)
  • Traceable Delivery
  • Schedule compliance
  • Accurate financial reports
  • Accurate inventory data

An ERP system is the frame that keeps the house stable and strong. For your organization, having a solid system in place ensures your future growth. Once you have a solid frame, building onto it becomes easier.

For more information on how and when to implement a new ERP system, contact our sales team today.

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    By choosing EC Solutions, you will not only benefit from the high level of expertise of our employees and partners, but also from the company's unconditional commitment to help you achieve success.
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