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Maintain control over all parameters of your business processes with Epicor ERP for industrial machinery. Epicor Kinetic simplifies complex operations and optimizes performances along the supply chain. 

Choose an ERP solution custom-built by an Epicor certified team to maximize your processes potential. EC Solutions is a trusted, certified Epicor partner and your strongest ally to boost your growth. 

An example of a workplace that could benefit from an Epicor ERP for industrial machinery custom implementation.

Benefits of an Epicor ERP for Industrial
Machinery Manufacturing

Thousands of companies worldwide manufacture the sophisticated machines used in agriculture, mining, construction, power generation, and oil and gas production. These advanced machines have complex engineering requirements.  

The companies making these machines need ERP solutions to help them manage all aspects of their operations. This includes the management of various engineering requirements to ensure production efficiency. For this reason, Epicor Kinetic is the proven solution for industrial machinery manufacturers. 

Technical innovation is essential from stock management to sales, passing by supply chain management and distribution. There are only benefits to upgrading your business strategy with a customized ERP. 

Find out how to improve every contract or project with the right Epicor ERP system for your business. 

Automate your Business Processes With Epicor ERP for Industrial Machinery

Our trusted Epicor consultants understand the challenges industrial machinery fabrication businesses face. From economic impacts to demand changes across your multi site and global operations.  

As a certified Epicor vendor, EC Solutions offers a custom ERP deployment. We consider every aspect of your business to provide a robust quality management system. We believe implementing a personalized Epicor Kinetic ERP at the core of your business strategy is the best solution.  

  • Management, review and update complex engineering requirements with a suite of native features 
  • Support lean manufacturing and automate processes to reduce waste in the enterprise resulting in reduced labor and material costs 
  • Exceed customer expectations with a robust quality process 

Furthermore, we offer a modular deployment, which makes the transition toward process automation much easier for your teams. Your management and production teams will be able to learn their new tools and develop them as your business grows

Real time advantages for your management and production teams.
Key ERP features for all your business processes.

Stand Out in Your Industry: Modernize Your Approach

EC Solutions supports you every step of the way on your technology journey. We’re here, listening, and dedicated to helping you get the most out of your processes. Combining our recognized expertise with Epicor Kinetic’s strong capabilities; the best duo for a sound ERP that will grow with you. 

  • Improve production management review with the ability to update your production plan as demand changes and across multiple international locations 
  • Better manage your supply chain with integrated features that give you real time access to information 
  • Satisfy customer requirements, control costs, and improve processes with a robust quality management system  

Use in-app available information to make informed business decisions that will help you stay competitive in an ever-changing marketplace.  

Maintain Control with Epicor ERP for Industrial Machinery

Ensuring control of all your business parameters is vital for your success. Epicor Kinetic is the Epicor ERP solution for industrial machinery manufacturers. It is the most recognized ERP software for manufacturers. EC Solutions 360° support will help you get the most out of this technology. 

  • Take advantage of an integrated product lifecycle management PLM to manage complex designs. Minimize the impacts of engineering changes 
  • Track detailed cost estimates throughout the contract or project to ensure better production efficiency and meet your objectives 

Our professional ERP consultants are available and ready to guide you during your digital transition. Our priority is finding the optimization solutions that will bring the most value to your business processes. 

Production flows optimization with a personalized ERP.

Trust EC Solutions to Implement the Best
Epicor ERP for Industrial Machinery

Our Epicor certified team understands that all businesses are unique. We are dedicated to finding solutions that respect your business methods and needs while helping you reach new heights. This is why we offer customized management software. Our goal is to simplify your management tasks at all levels. 

Simplifying stock management with Epicor ERP.

See how EC Solutions helped Cadexair in their digital transformation

Success stories 

EC Solutions understands the unique needs of your business and the ever-changing demands of your marketplace. That’s why we provide tools to reduce waste, control costs, facilitate purchasing and manage complex manufacturing. 


As time goes by, we realize that without Epicor ERP, things wouldn’t work.

Tony S.
Quality Director | Metaltech-Omega

EC Solutions offers proximity and highly qualified expertise in quick roll-out of the integrated EPICOR ERP software.

Mathieu B.
ERP systems lead | Synertek

We are delivering greater value to our clients, compared to our competitors, and Epicor ERP is the key to this achievement.

Rui C.
General Manager | Abipa Canada

Supprimé ! Epicor ERP implemented by EC Solutions has met many needs and has resulted in significant improvements to the overall management of Rotobec.

Jérôme P.
IT Coordinator | Rotobec

With Epicor ERP, we now manage three times as many parts as we did before with the same team.

Julie L.
JL Leclerc Group

Do not hesitate to ask us questions about Epicor ERP for industrial machinery or our implantation services. Our Epicor consultants are committed to finding solutions perfectly suited to your business reality and objectives. 

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    EC Solutions
    By choosing EC Solutions, you will not only benefit from the high level of expertise of our employees and partners, but also from the company's unconditional commitment to help you achieve success.
    About us
    EC Solutions
    By choosing EC Solutions, you will not only benefit from the high level of expertise of our employees and partners, but also from the company's unconditional commitment to help you achieve success.
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