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Medical Devices Manufacturing

Centralize and streamline business processes with Epicor Kinetic, the most comprehensive Epicor ERP for medical devices suite for manufacturers. EC Solutions is an Epicor certified partner that offers custom ERP system implantations. Our solutions optimize your processes according to your business specific needs and objectives.

Learn everything about our personalized management system solutions and get the most out of your business processes today.

Medical Devices

Why Add Epicor ERP for Medical Devices
Manufacturing to Your Business Strategy?

The healthcare manufacturing field is subject to increasingly high quality standards. As well as respecting those complex requirements, manufacturers must manage several processes to ensure production efficiency. This is why an ERP implementation plan becomes beneficial for most businesses in the health product manufacturing industry. 

Implementing a custom ERP solution simplifies and optimizes all your business processes. From stock management to the distribution of medical equipment, every process is included. You lighten your management teams’ workload with suitable ERP modules and increase productivity. 

Our Epicor software implementation allows your teams to focus their efforts where they have the most impact, thus helping you achieve your business goals faster. 


Epicor ERP for Medical Devices:
The Strongest Suite to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Epicor Kinetic is a business software that understands the trials the medical devices manufacturing field face. Large scale production of medical equipment is one of the most challenging tasks for a manufacturing company. There are a lot of complex requirements to respect, as well as many manufacturing processes to ensure the quality of the finished products. The right ERP software makes all these a lot easier to manage.  

EC Solutions works with you to find ERP solutions to optimize every supply chain process to improve mass production and profitability. We consider every aspect of your business to implement the best ERP software for you. Discover all the benefits of integrating Epicor Kinetic at the heart of your business strategy. 

A System That Grows Along with You - Capture the Benefits

Take advantage of a native platform that includes all the functionalities you need to ensure and boost your growth. Our custom solution adapts to your business processes so you can get the most out of your operations. 

  • Improve visibility and track your operations in real time 
  • Reduce inefficiency, complexity, and costs 
  • Operate more accurately and efficiently 

With the right Epicor ERP for medical devices, you can improve every aspect of your production. EC Solutions offers total support in your digital transformation. We take care of everything when it comes to the implementation of your personalized ERP system. This way, you can be assured that your manufacturing software is perfectly tailored to your business needs and objectives. 

Simplify production management with Epicor ERP for medical devices 
Real-time direct access to crucial data in your integrated management software

Meet Complex Industry Requirements and Drive Innovation

Reduce your risk of non-compliance with validation services, advanced traceability, and quality control, including FDA CFR 21 Part 11 and EU Annex 11. 

  • Improve your validation process with expert advice 
  • Take advantage of cloud-based architecture with Microsoft Azure to stay on top of evolving industry requirements 
  • Leverage global expertise to grow internationally 

The right manufacturing ERP can elevate your business processes and help you stay ahead of the competition. Differentiate yourself and improve your business strategy with the help of Epicor Kinetic, the best integrated solution for the medical manufacturing industry. 

Accelerate Innovation - Increase Business Initiatives

Epicor ERP for medical devices manufacturing is more than a manufacturing software. It is the most comprehensive ERP for the manufacturing industry. With production ERP modules and distribution ERP modules, Kinetic is the production system to optimize your business processes.  

Multiply opportunities for rapid growth and take advantage of fully integrated business processes tailored to the complex needs of medical device manufacturers. 

  • Take advantage of resiliency and security with a solution hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud 
  • Improve quality control with integrated functionality 
  • Rise above the competition with powerful scheduling tools 

 EC Solutions stands out from other ERP vendors by offering solutions that ensure supply chain efficiency and compliance with complex product requirements. 

An ERP management system to improve business processes from production to distribution

EC Solutions, Your Provider of Custom
Production Management Solutions

Strong of our experience in custom ERP system implementations, we are a reliable partner to drive your business to the next level. Our Epicor certified teams offer 360° support for your digital transformation. From developing a personalized ERP solution to your team’s training strategy, we are there every step of the way. 

Tailor Made Implementation of Epicor ERP for Medical Devices Manufacturing

At EC Solutions, we understand the importance of choosing the right management software to ensure efficiency. This is why we take the time to learn about your business processes and strategy before offering the right ERP modules for you. Our mission is to optimize every process and simplify your employee’s workload, thus increasing productivity and profitability. 

An Epicor Certified Team to Support Your Growth

More than an Epicor ERP vendor, EC Solutions is a certified Epicor partner. We offer personalized ERP modules tailored to fit your business’s unique needs. Our implementations are then perfectly aligned with your methodology for a smooth transition. 


As time goes by, we realize that without Epicor ERP, things wouldn’t work.

Tony S.
Quality Director | Metaltech-Omega

EC Solutions offers proximity and highly qualified expertise in quick roll-out of the integrated EPICOR ERP software.

Mathieu B.
ERP systems lead | Synertek

We are delivering greater value to our clients, compared to our competitors, and Epicor ERP is the key to this achievement.

Rui C.
General Manager | Abipa Canada

Supprimé ! Epicor ERP implemented by EC Solutions has met many needs and has resulted in significant improvements to the overall management of Rotobec.

Jérôme P.
IT Coordinator | Rotobec

With Epicor ERP, we now manage three times as many parts as we did before with the same team.

Julie L.
JL Leclerc Group

Any questions about our Epicor ERP for medical devices manufacturing or our implementation services? Contact us without hesitation, and an Epicor certified consultant will answer all your questions and offer the best solutions for your manufacturing industry. 

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    EC Solutions
    By choosing EC Solutions, you will not only benefit from the high level of expertise of our employees and partners, but also from the company's unconditional commitment to help you achieve success.
    About us
    EC Solutions
    By choosing EC Solutions, you will not only benefit from the high level of expertise of our employees and partners, but also from the company's unconditional commitment to help you achieve success.
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