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Epicor transforms the future of ERP with the announcement of Epicor Prism and the Epicor Grow AI portfolio at the Epicor Insights 2024 user conference. EC Solutions, your strategic partner for growth with Epicor, was present at the event. Here, we share what we learned about Epicor Prism and the new artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities coming with the Epicor Grow portfolio.

Epicor Prism & the Epicor Grow AI Portfolio

Epicor Grow AI—Advanced AI Capabilities

The Grow portfolio goes way beyond the usual capabilities of large language models (LLM). The meticulously designed AI and BI tools allow users to maximize the use of their Epicor ERP solution.

Its AI and business intelligence capabilities include the following features:

  • Predictive analysis
  • AI-generated sales order
  • Predictive maintenance recommendations

These features solve business problems specific to the manufacturing and distribution industries. This intelligence ecosystem aims to enable users to collaborate more effectively, improve inventory management and accelerate strategic decision-making.

Epicor Prism—Generative AI Service Embedded in the Epicor Platform

Epicor Prism is an AI solution integrated into the Epicor cloud, and the core element of Epicor Grow. This solution helps manufacturing and distribution businesses deploy AI functions tailored to their specific needs and turn their data into action. Integrated generative AI tools facilitate the automation of repetitive tasks and provide actionable insights in real time.

Prism adapts to your Epicor Grow data platform. Automation is a real added value for your employees, as it accelerates decision-making by cutting the number of clicks required to access and retrieve relevant information. Users access Prism through their Epicor platform, and specific agents collaborate in the background to provide information or execute actions.

Présentation du portfolio Epicor Grow AI et Epicor Prism

Epicor IA — The Benefits

Cognitive Transformation of the Epicor ERP System

Transform your traditional, static ERP system into a truly dynamic, interactive, and results-oriented platform. Streamlining administrative processes by exploiting data sets and value actions allows you to concentrate on strategic tasks.
For instance, using virtual assistants to support and accelerate the work of your developers in Epicor Application Studio to automate business processes.
Generative AI models also include conversational ERP. Imagine being able to talk to your ERP and return critical production and order information without touching Epicor; the power of AI is clearly revealed when you need quick answers and help to prioritize actions (suggestions instead of searches).

Automation, Accuracy & Efficiency

Automate real-world industry workflows and create purpose-built data pipelines to improve global operational efficiency and reduce costs. Plus, the AI remains predominantly within Epicor. When you engage in natural language conversations with Prism, know that the information you’re getting comes directly from your data or Epicor’s proprietary content.

Enhanced Innovation & Collaboration

Epicor’s generative artificial intelligence fosters collaboration between your various departments and AI-driven processes, stimulating innovation and business growth.

The Capabilities — Epicor Grow AI & Epicor Prism

Whether you’re using Gen AI to generate images or as a text generator, AI is transforming how modern businesses operate. Epicor understands the importance of innovation and listens to the needs of the companies that use their systems.

ERPs are in a prime position to leverage the value of AI. By actively collaborating with our customers and trustworthy technology partners, we can design and develop AI to create the most value for your business and collaborators.

Find out all about the Epicor Grow portfolio and its set of AI and BI capabilities.

Predictive Analysis & Maintenance

With its advanced analysis capabilities, Epicor Grow BI simplifies your operations. Epicor Grow inventory forecasting enables companies to anticipate market demand and optimize stock levels.

Regarding predictive maintenance, distributors and manufacturers benefit from personalized recommendations, such as those for the maintenance of vehicle fleets. This reduces the risk of unscheduled downtime, delivery delays, and maintenance costs.

Operation-Specific Agents

Agents collaborate in the background to optimize your key processes. For example, AI takes care of automatic inventory updates and alerts you when it’s time to buy or manufacture a specific part. The tools create new tasks or POs according to your needs.

Prism can also automate communications with suppliers to speed up purchasing, automatically send RFQs to your network of suppliers, and analyze and translate quotes to determine the best price and most expeditious delivery. This also positively impacts customer service efforts, increasing conversion rates and overall satisfaction levels.

Delivering Deep AI Integration & Ensuring Adoption

Epicor Prism adapts to your system, whether you’re an Epicor Kinetic or Prophet 21 user.

Accelerating Strategic Decision-Making

Epicor Prism is a rich industry-centric data platform that provides real-time insight and advice to facilitate strategic decision-making.

Robust Security Measures

Epicor systems benefit from advanced security. Our safety measures and data encryption protocols ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your sensitive information.

You can trust that your company’s specific conversations, queries, and answers will not be accessible to:

  • Other Epicor Customers
  • OpenAI
  • Epicor
  • Microsoft and third-party products

Our AI also follows the end-user’s security profile as defined in the Epicor platform. If user X tries to obtain answers from a database that is not normally accessible, the data will still not be available.

Epicor’s AI- Augmented Products

Epicor Grow BI

Grow BI is Epicor’s cloud-based, zero-code, scalable business intelligence solution. Transform your data into easy-to-understand visualizations, metrics and automated dashboards.

Epicor Automation Studio

AI-powered Epicor Automation Studio helps solving business issues and leveraging AI to simplify the automation of complex processes, integrate applications, and empower your teams.

Epicor ECM (DocStar)

Increase document management automation by 60% to 90% with Epicor AI. Automatically extract and classify data for greater efficiency.

Epicor CPQ

Enhance the purchasing experience with 2D, 3D and augmented reality (AR) configurations adapted to your most complex custom products.

Epicor FP&A

Use AI and deep learning (AI/ML) for budgeting, forecasting, analysis and financial planning. Epicor FP&A gives you AI-generated plans to save time and improve accuracy.

Epicor Smart IP&O

Optimize material planning and forecasting with machine learning techniques. Prevent human error by eliminating manual data entry and improve the accuracy and profitability of your operations.

Why Choose Epicor and AI to Modernize Your Manufacturing and Distribution Operations?

Various AI models enable companies in the manufacturing and supply chain industries to improve their productivity and operational efficiency. Epicor Prism and the Epicor Grow AI portfolio represent a breakthrough for Epicor ERP cloud users looking for innovative automation solutions.

Although Epicor Prism and the portfolio are not yet available to all users, the platform will be integrated into the cloud version of Epicor ERP at no extra cost. Epicor offers Grow with an unlimited number of users and 25GB of storage. Some AI capabilities and increased storage may incur additional charges, but these have not been made official.

EC Solutions, Your Strategic Epicor Partner and Advisor

Be ready for change and technological evolution with EC Solutions. Our industry-specific expertise in manufacturing and distribution ensures that companies can navigate the AI era with confidence.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our productivity solutions or Epicor’s AI.

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    By choosing EC Solutions, you will not only benefit from the high level of expertise of our employees and partners, but also from the company's unconditional commitment to help you achieve success.
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    By choosing EC Solutions, you will not only benefit from the high level of expertise of our employees and partners, but also from the company's unconditional commitment to help you achieve success.
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