ERP Fluid Power Distributors Industry

SEE HOW ERP P21 can handle Fluid Power Industry Challenges

  • Production orders and assemblies
  • Manage complex pricing structures
  • Monitor an incredibly diverse inventory

Growth – Need to reach more customers

Access more potential accounts, add more product lines, expand your geographical coverage, speed up sales cycles, access information more quickly, lower your customer support costs, add more services to attract and keep customers

 Customer – Engage and Understand

Better understand your customers, offer specifics/ customized services and pricing, provide customized quotes and contracts, deliver specialized assembly and kitting services, reduce repetitive reorder costs, provide vendor-managed inventory, use CRM to stay engaged with your customers.

People – Training and Turnover

Give your people stronger tools to work with, on-board new employees so they learn the business fast, quickly get the training to become productive, confidence from fast online support.

Productivity – Industry Practices

User interfaces that are easy to use; personalized work queues for “what’s next”; fast mobile access to business information; responsive mobile sales tools; more inventory turns and efficient wireless warehouse operations; and help growing into your future with open connectivity.

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