Planning Time Fence vs. Purchase Change Suggestions

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How can the Planning Time Fence setup help us better manage the creation of purchase change suggestions?


In this test, the Planning Time Fence of the purchased part class was set to 30. The purchase suggestion process is run on November 29th. So, in a calendar from Monday to Sunday, the deadline is December 29 (the Planning Time Fence only considers working days in the calendar). Subsequently, we manually created a customer order for December 12th.The purchase suggestion process produced a suggestion to support the inventory on the same date. Then, we created the purchase order from the suggestion. So we moved the purchase order to be received on December 20th. Because the order is still received within the Planning Time Fence, no suggestion of a change of date is created.

Planning Time Fence period

Later, I moved my purchase order to January 4th. Because this date is out of the Planning Time Fence period, the application recommends "Expediting" and suggests we push it back towards the Planning Time Fence deadline, which is December 29th.

Buy To Order

The original test was repeated, except that the release of the sales order was "Buy To Order". In this case, it does not matter if you move the purchase order in or out of the Planning Time Fence. We will always have a suggestion of change. This behavior happens because the two commands are linked ("Direct" in the Time Phase), so the purchase order must follow its request.

Lock Date

However, if the release of the purchase order is checked "Lock Date", the application will no longer produce a suggestion of a change of date, even if the order is moved out of the Planning Time Fence.

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