« Using real-time calculations of margin fluctuations on deliverables, the system can define more precise data (prices, discounts to be granted). This inevitably generated more sales and required management of higher volumes, which fostered excellent growth opportunities for Gray Électrique, since the improved information systems guaranteed its competitive edge and set it apart from other suppliers.»
David Mentel
Founding director | Gray Électrique

«We firmly believe that we have succeeded in maintaining the quality of our service. And our registration under the new ISO 9001 :2015 standards effectively guarantees that our high-calibre service will continue»
Marc Greenberg
VP – General manager | Gray Électrique


David Mentel, Founding director | Gray Électrique ,

« We are delivering greater value to our clients, compared to our competitors, and Epicor ERP is the key to this achievement. Specific information is all centralized in this system, which positions us to answer clients’ questions and meet their needs. It's the core of our business.»
Rui Cabral,
General Manager, Abipa Canaa

Abipa decides to invest in an innovative, proven technology!

« EPICOR ERP has an integral facilitation process that reduces workers’ hourly load, with a 98% guaranteed delivery rate.» Rui Cabral


“Epicor ERP, installed and implemented by EC Solutions, met our many needs and translated into considerable improvements for Rotobec’s management as a whole. As such, management was better able to keep up with market developments and ensure the success of the company’s growth.”
Jérôme Poulin,
Rotobec IT Coordinator

Epicor ERP system: a fully integrated Enterprise management system

“Processes were reviewed to avoid recreating the old system in the new one. They are now faster and more precise. Among others, EC Solutions integrated a functionality in Epicor in order for Rotobec to manage program numbers. It allows us to see if a machine is properly configured for the piece it must produce by attributing the right program number to it. EC Solutions developed this unique function from scratch.”
Jérôme Poulin

A change for the better of the company

“Initially, some long-standing employees who were used to the old system were resistant to change, but once the implementation was completed, even the strongest opponents were converted.”

Profitability and return on investment continues to grow

“The implementation of Epicor ERP has contributed to significantly to Rotobec’s profitability and return on investment continues to grow.”
Jérôme Poulin

Long-term relationship

The long-term relationship between Rotobec and EC Solutions also continues. Rotobec is looking to the future. To pursue the improvement of its efficiency and its steady growth it has entrusted EC Solutions with other projects.

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Jérôme Poulin, IT Coordinator | Rotobec,

Since we have implemented Epicor, business management is a lot easier, because we can get live data. Furthermore, we see a great improvement in employee’s performances and also a significant reduction of errors.


Considering the anticipated high growth rate, MTL Cool was looking for a complete solution that would be able to grow along with them. Epicor offers an extremely flexible solution that quickly adapts to the changing needs of an expanding business.


By analyzing our data with Epicor’s MES, we will be able to follow live data, improve operational efficiency as well as our capacity to adapt to changes even faster in order to stay competitive. 


We chose Epicor ERP because it offered a full, complete solution in a single system. Given that the company was integrating the production aspect, the moment was well-chosen to improve the other aspects of our business’ management system.


We have been using Epicor’s ERP system for a few months and we consider that our goals have been reached.

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Stéphane Bourgeois, VP Finance | MTL Cool,