Quality is of fundamental importance when fabricating equipment destined to be used in FCCUs (Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit). In order to ensure the quality of its fabricated equipment, Valtech Fabrication launched a customized Epicor ERP software in the third quarter of 2015 that now serves as the engine that powers the management of its quality control system.


With the assistance of EC Solutions industry experts, various enhancements, extensions and customizations to existing Epicor ERP version 10 were created that


(i) minimize the risk of human error throughout the fabrication process,


(ii) allow for enhanced traceability of all elements of the fabrication lifecycle and


(iii) allow for real-time data monitoring and collection. Such functionality provides customers and their representatives with an invaluable tool that allows them to follow the fabrication process at a granular level thereby ensuring maximum quality.

Yassine Ben Hamouda, ing., M.Sc.A., MBA, Valtech Fabrication,