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Global scale competition, coupled with political uncertainties, has reduced the demand for finished goods, which has pressurized the manufacturing industry. To counter the predicament effectively from a competitive standpoint, manufacturers have to maximize their gains in the production process. Production optimization requires the deployment and seamless integration of smarter industry tools with the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to obtain better visibility into key performance indicators. Armed with a resourceful team of production engineers, project managers, development and technical experts, EC Solutions has been providing state-of-art integrated business solutions to help customers remain competitive.

“We bring decades of experience and unparalleled expertise in implementing ERP solutions,” says Andre Paquet, President, and Co-founder, EC Solutions.

Proficiency in ERP implementation has led to EC Solutions being named an (Epicor Platinum Partner)—a market leader in ERP. While the company assists clients in deploying Epicor ERP and Epicor Prophet 21, its services stand out in the priority accorded to customers and their feedback, starting from the first contact to the latest support call.

“Earning the customers’ trust to become a reliable advisor is extremely important for us,” mentions Paquet.

The firm’s ERP implementation methodology begins with a comprehensive business process review (BPR), which identifies all the potential areas for improvement and optimization in the client system, to increase efficiency. Outcomes of the BPR are used to define specific business objectives and workflow that would be automated or optimized using software. While integrating tools from a technical standpoint comes easy for EC Solutions, Paquet confesses that helping customers realize the value proposition brought by the modern tools proves to be a bigger challenge. To spread awareness, EC Solutions hosts a number of seminars and workshops to educate manufacturers on the benefits of using advanced tools like Industry 4.0, such as visibility into performance metrics or increased RoI.

“Helping customers understand the actual impact of the tools for achieving maximum ROI is our cornerstone philosophy and an integral part of our implementation methodology”, states Paquet.

EC Solutions has a high standard of measuring its success in implementing the solution, which includes achieving the pre-agreed business goals within the prescribed time and budget.

After enabling customers go-live with the new ERP solution, EC Solutions continues to assist them in refining the usage of all advanced features and functionalities of the system, allowing them to make the most of their investment. Customers are also provided with local after-sale support and on-demand training for Epicor software in their language of choice.

Among the many enterprises that have experienced the highest standards of EC Solutions’ services are Groupe J.L. Leclerc and Valtech Fabrication.

J.L. Leclerc an expert in the fabrication and welding assembly space, which faced challenges with regard to the volume of manufactured goods. With EC Solutions on board, the company was able to unleash the power of Epicor ERP, following which Groupe J.L. Leclerc could manage three times more the capacity than earlier; the solution also proved to be highly scalable and could support the client’s expansion plans. Further, the advanced ERP toolset embedded in Epicor—Executive Dashboard functionality—allowed Groupe J.L. Leclerc to create dashboards for defining specific KPIs without the need of in-house programmers, which contributed to the RoI.


At Valtech Fabrication quality is of fundamental importance when fabricating equipment destined to be used in FCCUs (Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit). In order to ensure the quality of its fabricated equipment, Valtech Fabrication launched a customized Epicor ERP software in the third quarter of 2015 that now serves as the engine that powers the management of its quality control system. With the assistance of EC Solutions industry experts, various enhancements, extensions and customizations to existing Epicor ERP version 10 were created that

  1. minimize the risk of human error throughout the fabrication process
  2. allow for enhanced traceability of all elements of the fabrication lifecycle
  3. allow for real-time data monitoring and collection.

Such functionality provides customers and their representatives with an invaluable tool that allows them to follow the fabrication process at a granular level thereby ensuring maximum quality.


To help customers increase their RoI further, EC solutions constantly monitors the evolving technologies so as to incorporate them in its solutions and services. With RoI being a key factor in business, Paquet says that the company is on a mission to help customers stay at the leading edge.

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By choosing EC Solutions, you will not only benefit from the high level of expertise of our employees and partners, but also from the company's unconditional commitment to help you achieve success.
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By choosing EC Solutions, you will not only benefit from the high level of expertise of our employees and partners, but also from the company's unconditional commitment to help you achieve success.
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