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ERP training courses is the key to success at every level of an organization. Managers and employees will make use of their specialized training to achieve the best results, and help your company stand out from the competition.

With that in mind, EC Solutions in Laval offers multiple training options (on-site, remote sessions, in-class training at our facilities, embedded education). Our certified professionals have an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and will adapt to your preferred learning method. As our client testimonials show, the quality and relevance of our training sessions are very much appreciated.



EC Solutions provides on-site training for users at all levels, from senior management to shop floor management, including sales management, inventory management, sales and marketing, administration and operations. Each training program includes a theoretical component and practical exercises so that users can better understand the subject.

On-site training

Offering increased flexibility, on-site training is delivered in a more personalized, hands-on approach. The client determines the topics to be addressed and the number of participants, and EC Solutions professionals do the rest. This type of training allows you to focus sessions on issues or questions that are specific to your business.


Do you want to train a new employee or enhance an employee's skills? This training can be very useful to solve some problems or concerns within the company.


Online training sessions are an effective and affordable way to train your employees. They prevent employees from going off site and having to miss work. Training can cover a wide range of topics and can be tailored to your business needs. A support program offers access to online training sessions.

You need faster integration with self-sufficient resources at different locations, this is an option to consider for some of our clients!



Education courses – technical

Optimizing your ERP & MES solution

Get the most out of our technical and management tools and enroll in one of EC Solutions training seminars:

Business Activity Queries (BAQ)

Create your own data queries for analysis, customized reports, and dashboards.


Create your own dashboards to highlight critical business information and manage exceptional cases in real time.

Business Activity Manager (BAM)

Configure email alerts triggered by specific events in the system.

Business Process Management (BPM)

Automate business workflows specific to your company.

Seminars and training courses

EC Solutions holds seminars, webinars, and other events on various topics throughout the year. Please see our event calendar for more details.

For more details about our ERP and MES training courses, contact us

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