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Take Control of Your Manufacturing Business With the Right ERP Software
To grow in today’s market, your manufacturing business needs an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution designed to drive efficiency and profitability.
Architecture Epicor ERP

The new generation of Epicor Enterprise applications represents a transformative opportunity for the company. Epicor was developed for the way we work today, but designed for the company of tomorrow. This is business without borders.

Epicor Enterprise Resource Planning Catalog
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EPICOR ERP (Manufacturers)

Epicor ERP

Epicor®, particularly EPICOR ERP provides a new approach to the way company resource planning and ERP systems and business software solutions are designed, built, and used. We've redefined the ERP software to maximize productivity at every level of your organization. ERP will inspire your company to innovate and think differently about your business. You may even inspire your clients as well. Epicor ERP is a business software that opens up a world of possibilities. Serving 33,000 customers in more than 150 countries, Epicor's ERP software helps you centralize your company’s management, allowing you to increase profitability, whether you're operating on a local, national or international scale.


The new generation of Epicor Enterprise applications represents a transformative opportunity for the company. Epicor was developed for the way we work today, but designed for the company of tomorrow. This is business without borders.

No more technological barriers, no more integration obstacles or accessibility barriers that hinder productivity. A new level of collaboration, visibility, and results takes their place. With True SOA™ Epicor, our individually configurable global ERP platform with virtually unlimited features, we are redefining the enterprise software experience.


Epicor takes technology to a new level, offering unprecedented business management. It takes care of the company’s continued performance and its presence in real time and in context. At Epicor’s heart lies an adaptable and collaborative enterprise architecture, which meets the needs of any company, regardless of country, sector or device, allowing you to do business anywhere.

Reduce IT infrastructure costs and improve your business productivity with Epicor Cloud ERP!

If you host your ERP in the cloud, your enterprise will reduce is IT infrastructure costs while facilitating access to your system and data.

Now you will have access from anywhere and at any time! Also, it will improve workforce productivity.

Discover Epicor Cloud ERP

Epicor ERP: Manufacturers industries

Epicor ERP has proved itself in meeting manufacturers requirements in the following industries:

  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Automotive
  • Construction and Engineeering
  • Discrete Manufacturing
  • Electronics and High Tech Energy
  • Fabricated Metals
  • Furniture and Fixtures
  • Industrial Michinery
  • Lumber and Wood
  • Products Medical Devices
  • Packaging
  • Process Manufacturing
  • Rubber and Plastics


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Contact Management, Customer Connect,  Marketing Management, Lead and Opportunity Management, Case Management,  Epicor Mobile CRM, Mobile Sales Assistant, Epicor ERP Integration to®
Sales Management
Estimate and Quote, Management,  Order Management, Demand Management, Electronic Data, Interchange (EDI), Point of Sale, Commerce Connect, Customer Connect, Supplier Connect
Human Capital Management
Complete HCM, Recruitment Management, Benefits, Absence, Compensation, Performance Management, Reporting and Analytics, Training and Development, Position Control and Budgeting, Timesheets, Mobile HCM, HCM Link / US Payroll
Service Management
Contract Management, Field Service, Mobile Field Service, Case Management, Returned Material Authorization
Cloud ERP
Cloud ERP solutions, Benefits, Grow with the Epicor Cloud ERP Solutions.
Mobile Time and Expense Management
Enter, track and approve time and expenses on the go! Click here to find out more

Product Data Management
Bill of Materials (BOM), Routings, Engineering Change and Revision Control, Product Lifecycle Management, Product Costing, Product Configuration
Planning and Scheduling
Forecasting and Master, Production Scheduling, Forecast Pro for Epicor,  Material Requirements Planning, Scheduling and Resource Management, Advanced Planning and Scheduling, Multisite Management. Click here to find out more
Project Planning and Analysis
Project Billing, Resource Management, Time Management, Mobile Time Management, Expense Management, Mobile Expense Management
Supply Chain Management
Purchase Management, Supplier Connect, Purchase Contracts, Distribution, Requirements Planning, Supplier RelationshipManagement, Inventory Management,  Advanced Material, Management,  Shipping and Receiving, Warehouse Management, Handheld
Financial Management
Global Engines,  General Ledger,  Advanced Allocations,  Financial Planning,  Accounts Payable,  Accounts Receivable,  Credit and Collections,  Tax Connect, Rebates, Cash Management,  Credit Card, Processing, Asset Management, Advanced Financial Reporting
Enterprise Performance Management
Epicor Data Analytics (EDA), Trackers and Dashboards,  Advanced Financial Reporting, Budgeting, Planning, and Forecasting, Operational Data Store and Data Warehousing, Content Packs, Scorecards & KPIs
Governance, Risk, and Compliance
Risk Management, Security Management, Business Process Management, Corporate Governance, Global Trade Compliance, Environmental and Energy Management
Business Architecture
SaaS, Hosted, and On-Premise, Delivery, Services Architecture,  Microsoft .NET and SQL Server, Optimized, Web Access, Mobile Access, Web services, Business Activity Queries, Business Activity Queries, Enterprise Search, Business Process Management, Information Worker, Service Connect, SharePoint Publisher, Social Enterprise
Global Business Management
Multicompany Management, Multicurrency Management, Global Multisite Management, Multilingual Data Management,  Master Data Management, Epicor Service Connect

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