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Partnering for Industry 4.0

In June, our MES partner Critical Manufacturing wrote about partnering for Industry 4.0. The premise of their post is that in order to accomplish a digital transformation in your company, you can’t or shouldn’t do it on your own.  Even if you’ve chosen the best ERP, MES (like Critical) or Automation supplier, you still need someone to rationalize, integrate, and guide your journey. This is why Critical selected key partners in their chosen verticals—Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Complex Discrete, Electronics, High Tech, Medical Devices and Semiconductor—that have the expertise, background and market knowledge to ensure that the customer’s needs are fully answered with a solution that is flexible, future-proof and technology forward.

When we selected Critical Manufacturing as a partner, we wanted a partner that would complement our own ecosystem to make sure there were no overlaps while providing a complete solution—both product as well as consulting and implementation.

A key aspect of our Industry 4.0 practice, in addition to Critical’s MES, is to offer an assessment service to determine your baseline readiness for digital transformation.  We’ve found that we can help customers uncover opportunities for improvement that can ensure a smoother implementation of a solution like Critical Manufacturing MES.

If you would like more information about our assessment service, we’ve written a white paper, “Realize the True Potential of Your Manufacturing Operations” you can download it here!

 Partnering for Industry 4.0 blog post by Critical Manufacturing