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New Age MES (Industry 4.0- Ready) for faster Digital Transformation (Smart Factory)

Ramesh Dige
Senior Director- Industry 4.0 /Advanced MES Solutions

Over 18 years of IT-OT technology experience in area of production, Quality, Maintenance and Materials in various industries. Expertise in Industry 4.0 /MES/MOM/IOT/Digital Manufacturing consulting & solution architecture.

Industry 4.0 Platform

Are your Manufacturing IT/MES systems ready for Industry 4.0/Smart Manufacturing-led Digital Transformation?

Most of the existing MES systems are legacy, and were built with older architecture and technology. These systems typically require a lot of integrations and oftentimes they do not have any path forward in the era of digitization. Mostly, these legacy systems require complex integration to leverage next-generation Industry 4.0 technologies for manufacturing digital transformation. This is painful!!!

Key challenges of today’s digital transformation are Speed of InnovationScalability (with performance) and Flexibility. The Critical Manufacturing  platform is built up from a bottoms-up approach to tackle these Digital Transformation challenges and prepare you for an Industry 4.0 upgrade .

Critical Manufacturing’s  Advanced MES (Industry 4.0-Ready) is an unified solution featuring Digital Factory Twin, Connect IOT , Quality SPC, Smart Scheduling, Augmented Reality, Flexible User Interface with Digital User Experience, Advanced Visualization and  Analytics .

This  New Age MES solution is truly  Industry 4.0- Ready, which helps to implement the next generation technologies (enabling Digital Transformation and  delivering Smart Factories) with a reduced need for integrations. This drives overall lower TCO with faster implementations.

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