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How to take control of your production?

Case study of an optimized ERP system

MTL Cool is a commercial refrigeration equipment company. It specializes in manufacturing, distribution and installation of displays for refrigerated products. It offers all-in-one solutions from design to installation. Its products showcase brands and stimulate sales. MTL Cool offers customized solutions to retailers, SMBs as well as to international brands.

Since we have implemented Epicor, business management is a lot easier, because we can get live data. Furthermore, we see a great improvement in employee’s performances and also a significant reduction of errors.

Stéphane Bourgeois, VP Finance | MTL Cool

Company Facts

  • Location: Chambly, QC
  • Industry: Refrigerated products manufacturer
  • Website: MTL Cool


  • Eliminating paper transfers
  • Reducing production and delivery delays
  • Getting better inventory visibility
  • Reducing double-entry
  • Getting better control of work stations
  • Respecting deadlines


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Repatriation of local production

MTL Cool is a manufacturer of unique and innovative refrigerated displays who has chosen EC Solutions to take on a big challenge; “repatriation of their Chinese production in Quebec”. The issues they will have to face are the optimization of their supply chain, the automatization of their production, their limited internal resources and the fact that they will need easily accessible performance indicators in order to react quickly.

In the last year, the Chambly-based company made some major investments in order to go from distributor to manufacturer. Their products used to be manufactured in China, but the investments allowed MTL Cool to become the manufacturer of the products it used to only distribute.

During this transition period, MTL Cool decided to improve its business management system in order to increase operation efficiency. It was looking for a unique system to replace the different systems and softwares used for production management, sales management and financial management.  Implementing Epicor’s ERP turned out to be the perfect solution to their business needs, considering it was offering a complete and integrated solution in a single system.

Facing the challenges of business management

MTL Cool was working with many incomplete management systems as well as softwares like Excel. Excel was used, among other things, to deal with after-sale follow-ups with customers. Unfortunately, there was no communication between these tools, which resulted in the printing of many forms, multiple entries of the same data and a great need for communication between employees to make sure everything was done right. Some of the printed forms were sometimes lost, which caused problems such as delays or oversights in billing. Data entry in every one of these systems took up a lot of valuable time. It was thus quite difficult for employees to have easy access to all the required information and therefore to complete their tasks on time.

Taking into account the new production aspect at MTL Cool, the company wanted to implement a production management system in order to optimize production. MTL Cool was also looking for a simple way to know what they had in stock while being able to easily manage serial numbers. By adding this aspect, the managers of MTL Cool wanted to avoid adding yet another management system. The actual systems were unable to maintain the current level of production. A single, computerized solution turned out to be ideal for the company. Keep on reading!

Case study

How did MTL Cool take control of your production?

MTL Cool found the solution with EC Solutions

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