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Epicor ERP at Metaltech-Omega

The solution for metal ERP for manufacturers of scaffolding, ladder and fencing products

Case study

The ERP solution for manufacturers of scaffolding, ladders and construction fencing

Epicor ERP is an integrated management solution which includes multiple application and tools to help every department of a business work together with the utmost efficiency.

As time goes by, we realize that without Epicor ERP, things wouldn’t work.

Tony Santos, Quality Director at Metaltech-Omega

Company Facts

  • Company: Metaltech-Omega
  • Location: Laval
  • Industry: Scaffolding, ladder and fencing products
  • Website: https://www.metaltech.co/


  • Improve management systems and processes integration.
  • Make quick decisions based on actual facts.
  • Centralize data.
  • Implementation of several key performance indicators.
  • Identify the new offered opportunities.
  • Improve multiple business processes and make them more efficient.


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Established in 1960, Metaltech-Omega has become a Canadian leader in the manufacturing and distribution of scaffolding, work site fencing and extendable ladders.

Metaltech-Omega strives to become the number one in North America and the industry benchmark while keeping its objectives of profitability and durable growth.


At Metaltech-Omega, the Epicor ERP system is seen as a machine. And like any other machine, it has to be maintained and automated to increase its performance.

This is why the company is building a knowledge base that will lead to a more widespread use of the product.

Every time I speak to EC Solutions, I’m speaking to a friend who’s there to help me.

Tony Santos, Quality Director at Metaltech-Omega

Case study


How did Metaltech-Omega took control of the production?

Metaltech-Omega found the solution with EC Solutions

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