Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Critical Manufacturing Advanced MES

As the manufacturing sector becomes more global and outsourced, companies face increasing challenges to compete effectively and profitably. They must innovate quickly to be first in the market but at the same time maintain the highest quality at the lowest cost, to better meet the highest customer requirements. Critical Manufacturing provides the most advanced, flexible and configurable global Manufacturing Execution System (MES System) solution available to help manufacturers of complex products stay ahead of stringent product traceability and compliance measures; reduce risk with inherent closed-loop quality; integrate seamlessly with enterprise systems and factory automation; and provide deep intelligence and visibility of global production operations.

As a result, our customers are Industry 4.0 ready, enabling them to easily adapt to changes in demand, anywhere, at any time.

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Critical Manufacturing’s Integration and Automation layer, Connect, seamlessly integrates with all IT layers, equipment and devices for process automation control, mapping, recipe management and interoperability with key enterprise business systems.


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