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Don’t ‘Miss Out’ on Your Latest ERP Technology

A lot of changes can happen in businesses, from expanding locations to increasing product lines or minimizing workflow processes. Do you have fear of missing out with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution?  According to an Aberdeen Knowledge Brief, organizations that do no not upgrade their ERP technology may "miss out" on the latest technology that could significantly improve their business. This brief uncovered that "53% of Leading SMEs are implemented on the latest version of their ERP software" (Aberdeen Business Management and ERP Benchmark Survey, see Figure 1).

Our customers are not missing out — we’ve just issued a new release of Epicor ERP (version 10.1.500) and they already have something to say about the benefits of the new version and staying current:

"From the database to the server, Epicor ERP technology offers us a reliable business platform. Staying up to date on the latest version also ensures we get the most ROI from our system and also gives us access to the latest features and trends in ERP."
Cristhian Jimenez Vargas, IT Manager, Isquisa SA de CV

"Thanks to using the most current version of Epicor ERP technology, our business can run efficiently by allowing our users to focus on core business duties instead of costly delays of utilizing outdated software."
Daniel Sirow, Vice President, Independent Components Corporation

"The package control functionality will simplify logistics and free us to focus on core business functions. With simply one scan of a barcode, Epicor already knows the contents of a shipment and can accordingly adjust variables such as inventory levels as well as financials."
Jos Greeve, ICT manager, Boers & Co FijnMetaalGroep B.V.

With the latest release of Epicor ERP  — available today in the cloud or on premises — customers can easily upgrade and access expanded ERP performance improvements. This includes reducing system change requests (SCR) backlog, usability, increased geographic coverage to support country specific functionality (CSF) in the Netherlands and more.

Quote from manager

Close-up view on white conceptual keyboard - ERP (blue key)

Just as important as keeping up with ERP upgrades is the impact it has on business growth:

"You need the most recent technology to stay ahead of competitors and to serve your customers the best way possible… we can now gather more and more information from our systems to continuously learn about our processes and identify opportunities for growth."
Jos Greeve, ICT manager, Boers & Co FijnMetaalGroep B.V.

"Upgrading to the latest version of Epicor ERP… allows our business to take advantage of the latest features that enables us to grow our business by giving users the freedom to focus on core business responsibilities."
Daniel Sirow, Vice President, Independent Components Corporation

To avoid missing out, click here to stay updated on all Epicor ERP offerings.

Source: EPICOR

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