Critical Manufacturing MES for Aerospace & Defense

Critical Manufacturing an ASM PT
Aerospace & Defense Manufacturers have to deal with fluctuating demands which makes it very difficult to plan for manufacturing and meet the promised delivery dates. There is constant pressure due to margin shrinkage, which  drives the need for adoption of new technologies & processes to manufacture aircraft with the best quality at the lower cost.

Industry 4.0 is key to drive operational excellence at all levels with the latest technologies in the IT-OT Space for Aerospace & Defense Manufacturers.

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Key Challenges of Aerospace & Defense Industry

  • Improve manufacturing process by simplification & standardization
  • Reduce assembly times and cycle times
  • Reduce lead times and keep the promised delivery dates
  • Realtime design & Manufacturing integration for real-time decision making
  • Deliver best quality product with lower cost and rework
  • Enable digital compliance by reducing paper-based documentation
  • Enable digital part-process-people traceability
  • Implement Leaner, flexible and scalable supply chain by vertical and horizontal integration
  • Implement cyber-physical security to reduce impact on daily operations & product related IPs.
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Critical Manufacturing MES provides Agility, Real-Time Visibility, Security, Innovation, Efficiency & Quality at Lower Cost

Solutionmap Cm Mes

Critical Manufacturing MES: Key Capabilities for Aerospace & Defense

  • Provides a dynamic 3D visualization (digital twin) of the shop floor
  • Scales easily with growing operational needs
  • Drives visibility of production and costs across the supply chain for better decision making
  • Enables IIoT-enabled production marketplace for smart factories
  • Allows users to quickly learn and do their job from any location, even with mobile devices
  • Analyzes, tracks, and executes continuous improvement
  • Enables efficient manufacture of personalized, mass customized and low volume products faster, more reliably, at higher quality and lower cost
  • Advanced analytics allow predictive measures in the face of shifting business realities
  • Real-time visibility and control of production processes, even across partner or remote sites
  • Reduced equipment and IoT device automation effort with a single view of all automation workflows, with one click deployment
  • Secure IT-OT operations for better product quality & process reliability
  • Horizontal integration provides better synchronization for a smart supply chain
  • Vertically integrates IoT and shop floor with enterprise wide information flows

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