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ERP Solutions & MES for your business


ERP Solutions & MES

Project success starts with expert knowledge of products, manufacturing procedures and distribution and EC Solutions professionals are in a class of their own. Our seasoned professionals and specialists rely on their many years of experience in business procedures, change management, training, implementation, and integration of ERP System and Advanced MES Solution.

We are proud of our reputation. Our clients become our partners and they appreciate the quality and relevance of the services offered by the EC Solutions team, allowing them to increase their return on investment with every project.

From the first contact with the sales team until the end of the implementation project, all our efforts go into truly understanding our clients’ needs and business requirements, to insure the success of every project that we are involved in.

Why choose EC Solution?

Why choose EC Solutions?

What sets us apart

Founded in 2004, EC Solutions offers quality implementations with a team of experienced professionals.

Choosing EC Solutions for an ERP or MES Solution means you will enjoy the high level of expertise of our employees and partners. You will also benefit from our company’s unconditional commitment to ensuring your success.

We sincerely believe that the key to success goes beyond products and services. It is important to establish a strong partnership with our clients, promoting collaboration and project success.

We regularly monitor client satisfaction and take feedback seriously.


Our partners

EPICOR Platinum Partner

Members of the EC Solutions management team and the EPICOR Corporation have been partners since 1996.

Critical Manufacturing Logo | EC SolutionsCritical Manufacturing

EC Solutions est le principal partenaire de Critical Manufacturing en Amérique du Nord pour l’implantation du logiciel MES, reconnu pour être la solution la plus avant-gardiste de l’industrie 4.0.

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