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De-Risking Manufacturing Digital Transformation

Ramesh Dige
Senior Director- Industry 4.0 /Advanced MES Solutions

Over 18 years of IT-OT technology experience in area of production, Quality, Maintenance and Materials in various industries. Expertise in Industry 4.0 /MES/MOM/IOT/Digital Manufacturing consulting & solution architecture.

Key mantra here is Implement Fast,
Fail Fast, Adapt Fast and Change Fast.

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De-risk your Manufacturing Digital transformation with our Advanced MES Industry 4.0 platform.

Industry 4.0 Platform

Industry 4.0: De-Risking Manufacturing Digital Transformation

For the past few years, one of the Biggest Trend in Manufacturing is Digital Transformation. Everyone created their Digital Transformation Road Maps, started searching for Use Cases and some of them implemented also.  These transformations are either based on Industry 4.0 or Smart Manufacturing.

Industry 4.0 focuses on leveraging the next generation technologies (e.g. IOT, Big Data, Mobility, Robotics & etc.) to solve the day-to-day, complex manufacturing operational issues. Whereas Smart Manufacturing brings in the more process modelling approach to solve the Manufacturing issues. Both emerging trends tend to drive the Operational Excellence at the Manufacturing organization.

Each Digital Transformation comes with some big concerns and challenges to move forward.


Key Concerns are:

  • Existing shop floor Systems and investments- Plenty of investments (Money & Time) were already made in Shop-floor automation and MES, Quality, CMMS systems. What to do with these investments?
  • Integrations with Existing Business systems- We all know how much time, money and effort are required to perfect the integrations with Business systems. Doing it again will pose a big risk on productivity and Business revenue.

Time bound robust business case will help to overcome the above concerns.

Once your Business case is approved, then you will have key challenges posed by Digital Transformation. These things can de-rail your digital transformation, if not addressed in time.


These challenges are:

  • Speed of Innovation- Market is changing every day. you need to adjust your pace of Digital transformation based on the market trends, customer requests and upcoming innovations.
  • Scalability-This is one of the biggest hurdles. Most of the digital transformation use cases are completed in the lab-settings (POC- Proof of Concept). In actual manufacturing environment, these use cases are failing to scale-up due platform issues and real-time integration issues.
  • Flexibility- Current digital transformation roadmap and platforms are rigid and will not allow changes to be made for above adjustments. These things need to be flexible to be successful.



To overcome above Concerns and Challenges, you must look for 3 important things

  • Robust & Flexible Digital Transformation Road Map.
  • Innovative, Scalable, Flexible, Comprehensive Digital Manufacturing Platform.
  • Choose a platform with all upcoming technologies rather than one platform for one technology.

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