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Webinar – Planning for Future Unknowns in Semiconductor Manufacturing

Scott Van Etten, Program Manager for the High Performance NAND Test Laboratory of the itt Chip Semiconductor Institute at Unisinos in Brazil, has implemented and worked with MES in multiple semiconductor companies.

Now he shares his experience regarding what to look for in a system to keep up with the many advances of today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Long-time industry analyst, Julie Fraser of Iyno Advisors, points out opportunities not to repeat the thought patterns and choices that limit operational excellence in the industry today.

Webinar – Online Call Status

Thank you for viewing our call status webinar.

The purpose of this new feature has been developed following the recommendations of our customers who are looking for a way to quickly see the different requests submitted to our support department.

During this webinar, I will accompany you so that you can

  • Create your access
  • View open and closed calls
  • Change the status of a call
  • Create a new call
  • Send your comments and suggestions
  1. How to create your access? It’s simple. Just click the link in the activation email that was sent to the main contact we have for your company. Do not  forget to share it with your colleagues because it’s one access by company.
  2. How to view your calls.  You can consult them on OPEN or CLOSE tab or enter a keyword.
  3. Change the status of a call: Click here to enhance the priority of the call. An email will be automatically sent to our customer service. Click on to close a call. It will be closed immediately.
  4. Create a new call: Click on "submit a call" to create a new call. You will receive an email with the number of your call. For ease of treatment, please include this when communicating with our team.
  5. Customer Satisfaction: In order to receive your comments quickly, we have created a survey that will be sent after the call has been closed. Do not hesitate to contact us should you not wish to receive any.


Epicor Prophet 21 is now on the cloud!

Epicor Prophet 21 web application lets you access information anytime, anywhere, regardless of where your employees are located. Today’s digital distributors require platforms that enable go-forward technologies and seamless customer experiences.

Serve your customers better, grow with Epicor Prophet 21 !

Contact us to know more about what P21 can do for you !


Webinar – XL Connect

We have learned that no matter what reporting tools an organization puts into place, there will always be people who will export data out to Excel every month. One of the most cost effective and easiest way to reduce the time & effort it takes your people to create, run, and disburse company reports both from the data held within Epicor as well as from other systems is by using the XL Connect products. XL Connect/XL Broadcast by BizNet is an Epicor solution which is used by thousands of customers as a tool to help do just that. XL Connect offers a next generation Excel reporting solution.