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Webinar – XL Connect

We have learned that no matter what reporting tools an organization puts into place, there will always be people who will export data out to Excel every month. One of the most cost effective and easiest way to reduce the time & effort it takes your people to create, run, and disburse company reports both…
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Webinar – Epicor Manifest

Epicor Manifest are the shipping solution that integrates directly with your Epicor E10 system. I was informed you currently own the Pack Out Management module for E10 but aren’t running Manifest. Manifest solution is a build out solution and can be used to Rate Shop your carriers as well as print all labels and required…
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Epicor Financial Planner

Do you know Epicor Financial Planner?

EFP is a unified platform for reporting and analysis, budgeting, planning, financial consolidation, and metrics management. EFP is a unified platform that is designed and marketed primarily to offer budgeting and planning. However, it also has financial reporting, financial consolidation, and metrics management capabilities on top of its budgeting and planning capabilities.

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