Case Study: Implementing Epicor ERP


See How Epicor ERP is Helping its Customers Grow

The new generation of Epicor Enterprise applications represents a transformative opportunity for the company. Epicor was developed for the way we work today, but designed for the company of tomorrow. This is business without borders.


Customer Success Stories

Optimized ERP system for a a commercial refrigeration equipment company

Since we have implemented Epicor, business management is a lot easier, because we can get live data. Furthermore, we see a great improvement in employee’s performances and also a significant reduction of errors.

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Implementing an ERP system for Material Handling Equipment Manufacturer

Epicor ERP, installed and implemented by EC Solutions, met our many needs and translated into considerable improvements for Rotobec’s management as a whole. As such, management was better able to keep up with market developments and ensure the success of the company’s growth.

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An innovative ERP solution for aerospace manufacturer

We are delivering greater value to our clients, compared to our competitors, and Epicor ERP is the key to this achievement. Specific information is all centralized in this system, which positions us to answer clients’ questions and meet their needs. It's the core of our business.

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Epicor Prophet 21 solution for the electrical products industry

Using real-time calculations of margin fluctuations on deliverables, the system can define more precise data (prices, discounts to be granted). This inevitably generated more sales and required management of higher volumes, which fostered excellent growth opportunities for Gray Électrique, since the improved information systems guaranteed its competitive edge and set it apart from other suppliers.

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